The 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference on Phospholipids will continue the cycle of conferences, initiated 20 years ago, devoted to new research in the chemistry and technologies of production and application of this unique class of natural compounds.

Over the years, we have met 15 times. Our conference was attended by hundreds of experts in the field of lecithins. These are manufacturers of lecithins, food, feed and paint industries, scientists from industry and academic institutes, staff of analytical laboratories. Our conferences were hosted by the world's leading experts from various foreign countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, China and other countries.

Subjects of conferences held by "PROTEIN PLUS" Ltd. from 1997 to 2018:

1. Lecithin is an emulsifier of vegetable origin.

2. Use of lecithins in chocolate and chocolate products.

3. Lecithin in the confectionery industry.

4. Emulsifiers based on lecithins in the production of fatty foods and flour confectionery.

5. Advantages of using powdered lecithins in the food industry.

6. Specialty fats and complex improvers for bakery and flour confectionery. 

7. Synergism of food additives. 

8. Intellect and health of the nation. 

9. Optimization of quality and cost of production when using food additives. 

10. Vegetable lecithins: production, use, standardization. 

11. Production and consumption of food lecithins: expectations for the next decade.

12. Current trends in the science, production and use of phospholipids. 

13. Closed conference. 

14. Functional lipids and healthy food: science, technology, business. 

15. Phospholipids: new opportunities in technology, analytical chemistry and application.

Photos from past conferences: