The 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Functional phospholipids in the food and pharmaceutical industries” will be held in St. Petersburg on 22-23 May 2019. Protein Plus Co. Ltd. will hold this event together with LLC “SFERA”, a well-known and well-reputed conference organizer. Our conference will be a part of the forum, which will be held under the “World Soy – Feeds” common name (umbrella brand). This format of the event will significantly expand opportunities for all participants. You will be able to choose the presentations that will be most interesting for you from three parallel events. And of course there will be plenary sessions where general issues of interest to all participants will be discussed. The presence of participants working in various areas of the soy business, beyond the field of lecithins and phospholipids, will offer opportunities to both learn a lot of new things and also to establish new interesting contacts.

LLC “SFERA” is responsible for the organizational and financial issues of the conference.

You can apply for participation in the conference and/or book a hotel at a special rate in the "REGISTRATION" page.